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Talk Show OTPs: Bonnie and Carol

Bonnie Hunt is one of my favorite talk show hosts, ever. As with most things I love on TV, she was gone after two seasons. 

Bonnie adores the legends of TV comedy and whenever she had one of them on, it was fantastic. Dick Van Dyke, Mary Tyler Moore and Carl Reiner were each on at some point during her run. But Carol Burnett was my favorite.

First, I mean, it's Carol Burnett! Listening to her stories is enough for me. Bonnie devoted a whole show to Carol and they showed a bunch of clips from her show, which is a blast.

But the two of them together are so lovely. Bonnie does the intro already choked up and Carol ends the show overcome by Bonnie's birthday surprise for her.

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Talk Show OTPs: Teri and Dave

I like NOTHING better than a good interview. Well see, now, that's not true. I like FEW things better than a good interview. When an interviewer and a subject have chemistry, it's so gorgeous and magical and I can rewatch for days.

So I'm going to post some of my favorite talk show pairings this week. First up, a classic: Teri Garr and David Letterman.

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*flist rubs its eyes* Yes, it's me, posting to my journal.

In a desperate effort to locate some holiday spirit, I dove into Youtube today. I'm really excited about the season premiere of The Sing Off Monday night, so I started there.

I love a cappella music, so The Sing Off felt like it was made for me. Ben Folds is magic,, Shawn Stockman (Boyz 2 Men) certainly has the credentials, and Nichole an excellent dancer with great hair. And the groups are incredible, so there will be wine, popcorn and a reverent silence in my house on Monday and Wednesday nights for awhile. (Sorry Johnny Weir, it breaks my heart to time-shift you, but I must. Will watch pithy comments and fab outfits late night on Tivo.)

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Chicago and Indianapolis, Part 2

FLIST: This, and the one below, are concert posts for ontd_ai</lj>. I want to keep these on my journal too, so they're here. Again, feel free to walk on by. Don't. Stop. If you're not really interested in Idol at all, it's not going to do much for ya. :-) This is Adam, Kris and DSB.

Warnings again:
- Dial-up hostile.
- So long; don’t read. Really.
- All pics are from Indianapolis. I had major FAIL from my brand new camera, and many of my pics are blurry. I am under my bed crying. Some here are ok, but I truly apologize in advance for any blur.

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