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It is a big golden piece of Awesome, hand-dipped in Awesome, deep-fried in some more Awesome and covered in Awesome Sauce.  So I guess it's like chicken-fried steak with gravy, if it were AWESOME and not gross.

I don't even know where to start.  Because Awesome is in the details.  

Oh, sorry...I screwed the title.

Ok, the OPEN.  This is how you do it!  When I heard Charlie's zen stuff on the iPod, I knew we were on it this week.  Reese switching his earphones to her iPod was very cool.  (echoed in the car scene, later)  Nice.  She's putting up her "thing" against his.

Then, Tidwell in the doorway.  Heh.  "We're not the Future Crimes Unit.  :-D

Then the whole setup...Charlie knows they have to go protect Tins from Bull (what is his name?), though they don't really want to.  Then how it plays out.  Charlie cuffs him, he goes into the car, he yells back through the window.  God, I did not see any of that coming and it was incredible.

On a lighter note...Blended Coffee Drinks!  Loved that scene.  Charlie spots the two guys.  Gets them deputized for googling and mochas.  The woman in his lap!  HA!  "Did you feel that?"  "Yes, I did!"  "Oh.  What's that?"  "It's a gun."  Just his timing and the way he delivered that last line.  So funny and hot, without putting too fine a point on it.  You know?  Gorgeous.

Speaking of which...that suit?  Did you see the suit? Blue shirt, blue tie.  Holy mother of god.

Olivia:  "That's just the pencil talking, Ted."  hee.

My very favorite punchline of the whole episode was this.  Crews and Reese arrive at the place they traced the armored car to.  Only Tidwell is there.
Reese:  "You're it?"
Tidwell:  "I'm it.  SWAT's camped out over in front of the Federal Building in anticipation of some sort of civil unrest and the National Guard's off somewhere else."
Reese:  "So it's just us?"
Tidwell:  "Yeah, but I'm pretty pissed off."

Ok, enough lines.  I just loved this whole story.  The guy who plays Tins is incredible.  Holds the whole thing together, from the criminal side.  What happens to Bull, then the confrontation at the armored car company, then the standoff at the house.  I loved it all.

I loved how they directed the scene at the place where they found the two bodies.  We see Bobby and we know something's going to happen.  That whole thing was great.  "He wants the next people to think he's dead."  Wow, I really liked the way they laid that out. 

The standoff at the house.  I loved the acting at the door.  The woman gives them a nonsensical answer and you can see it register with Reese and Crews, but not at the same time.  But Tins, who has been set up as a really smart guy, figures it out.

But you guys, the climax!  Charlie has a gun on Tins, but he's telling Tins' partner that the third guy is dead. 

Charlie winks at the boy. 

His hand is behind his back, but he pushes his fingers out far enough so that the boy can see them. 

Three fingers.  I STARTED CLAPPING! 

Two. One. Go. 

That was so fantastic. 

And then the very end.  He is not attached to this car.  "Did you feel that?"  Ha.
Oh, and I have another new song courtesy of Life. *points*



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Oct. 26th, 2008 04:10 pm (UTC)
I LOVED this episode.

Did you see the suit? Blue shirt, blue tie. Holy mother of god.
I felt that way several times during this week's episode. Oh. my. god.

You're right about the scene in the beginning with the iPod. It is always a good sign when they bring the zen.

I was sort of surprised how Tins was able to kill the other guy in the back of the car. I didn't see that coming. I had to rewind it to see if I missed something.

I also loved the scene with the armored car. For a moment you think, he's dead but then it would be too easy. I loved how Tidwell says "I'm the commanding officer, I'll do it." God I love him.
Oct. 26th, 2008 04:20 pm (UTC)
The scene at the house was also great. Reece and Charlie get, "Help" but Tins isn't stupid. The little boy was adorable. He's beyond terrified but the wink from Charlie and the countdown and he's ready to go. Such a fabulous scene.

What about the kiss between Tidwell and Reece. I sort of liked it. I like that he's all brash but he's hiding this other side. Him being freaked out by the earthquakes cracked me up.

Ted and Olivia were fantastic. Though I have to admit I was getting a little weirded out by looking at Ted with the pencil through his hand.
Oct. 26th, 2008 04:50 pm (UTC)
Yep. Awesome.

The scene in which Bull, aka Rawls (Bawls?), was shocking. I dont' remember the last time I was so blindsided by a scene. I liked him, too, damn it. He has to get shot in the head by his son's murderer when he's handcuffed and can't do anything but yell. And it wouldn't have even happened if they had left it alone. Rawls didn't know Tins was out and Tins had no idea where to find Rawls.

Ted & Olivia were great. My favorite line there was when he suggested that she'd had too much to drink to remove the pencil and she gave him an are-you-kidding look and said, "I pull pencils better this way."

Loved the return of Zen.

Loved the finger-countdown with the kid, complete with that infinitesimal nod when the kid looked him in the eye.

And I loved that Tins didn't die instantly. The vindictive part of me was glad he lasted long enough for Crews to walk over and look him in the eye and be philosophical at him.

Tidwell? Loved the earthquake-fear. But the kiss? Ick. I will never, ever get over the ick.

Edited at 2008-10-26 04:52 pm (UTC)
Oct. 26th, 2008 04:56 pm (UTC)
What about the kiss between Tidwell and Reece. I sort of liked it. I like that he's all brash but he's hiding this other side. Him being freaked out by the earthquakes cracked me up.

Yeah, I really, really like his character. Well-written, well-played, odd and sympathetic at the same time. I still have the same trouble with him and Reese, and I always will.

But the thing I didn't like about that scene was that there were people around! I rewound to make absolutely sure. I do not believe for a minute that Reese would kiss Tidwell...well, I don't believe it at ALL, but I certainly don't believe she would kiss him at the station, and especially if someone were around to see!

It just feels too forced to me. I like them both, so I want to get on board, I'm just having trouble. I mean...get them stranded together for an episode. Have her, you know, experience something or reveal something (a la the drugs/shower thing in the pilot). Have him surprise her with his insight. Maybe they think they're gonna die. I don't know, I just need more plausibility.
Oct. 26th, 2008 04:59 pm (UTC)
Ted and Olivia were fantastic.

Yeah, gatz. Though I suppose I could go off on the same May/December hot/schlubby rant as that I do with Reese/Tidwell....I think AA and CH are really great together, actor-wise. I think they have great natural chemistry. (And her character has a demonstrated liking for older guys, so I guess it makes a little bit of sense.)
Oct. 26th, 2008 05:04 pm (UTC)
Rawls didn't know Tins was out and Tins had no idea where to find Rawls.

Yeah, this took me a minute to get, but I think Rawls did know. Like, he tried to fake it. He said, "He's out?" and Charlie's like..."'He's out?' That's all you got? Try it again, with more rage." Or something to that effect. And then Rawls immediately said something like, "Leave it alone..." So I think we're meant to conclude that he did know. BUT, I get where you're coming from, cause Michael Cudlitz did sorta play it like he didn't know. There was something on his face. Maybe that something was supposed to be his surprise that Charlie was onto him?

ETA: Your point is a very good one, which is that Crews and Reese were a the center of the plot. They enabled Tins to find Rawls and set the whole thing in motion. That was one of the things that made this episode so great.

complete with that infinitesimal nod when the kid looked him in the eye.

Yes! This a good catch, aunt_deen. DL is just the king of the tiny facial signal, isn't he? All that underacting in BofB serves him well here.

Tidwell? Loved the earthquake-fear.


Edited at 2008-10-26 05:06 pm (UTC)
Oct. 26th, 2008 05:19 pm (UTC)
Since it's the last time we'll see them together on life, how about a slow clap for Damian Lewis and Michael Cudlitz, together. I always love seeing Band of Brothers alums acting opposite each other. They were great.

I loved the them best in the pilot, but in this one they were wonderful too. "I guess you're really a cop, huh?" "I guess I am." And then...aw, man.

(Nobody's here unspoiled are they?)
Oct. 26th, 2008 05:19 pm (UTC)
OK, so... haven't watched yet, haven't read anything here, but dropping in with a promise that I will be here later...

Hope this sudden explosion of posting is a good thing... ;)
Oct. 26th, 2008 11:33 pm (UTC)
I thought this was one of the best episodes, which proves that this show can work just as well as a police procedural as it does a conspiracy show.

Not much to add, except I that even though I am sailing alone on the Goodship Tidwell/Reese I think the kiss was a mistake. Particularly since she was being flirtatious by getting in the door with him. Or maybe just trying to make him feel better for being the outsider/doof-who-is-afraid-of-earthquakes. Either way, Dani is not that girl, and while I could see him going for the kiss I can't see her going along for the ride.


Oct. 27th, 2008 12:55 am (UTC)
I should clarify... I don't necessarily like Reece & Tidwell together as a couple. The kiss was a mistake, but I like how they act around each other. They both are forced to take down the tough exterior.

Or maybe just trying to make him feel better for being the outsider/doof-who-is-afraid-of-earthquakes.
Yeah, that's exactly what I thought she was doing. He's freaked out and she's trying to calm him down.
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