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Life: Jackpot

I loved the apple arc. 


Dale:  “Does the apple help?”

Charlie:  “Help with what?”

Dale:  “With the solving of crimes.”


Later, Charlie throws the apple to prove that the bodyguard isn’t really watching him.

Charlie:  “It does help with the solving of crimes!”


At the end, Charlie hands Dale an apple.

Dale:  “Really?”



Tidwell:  “Then the truth is stupid.”
Charlie:  “Can the truth be stupid?”

And that’s all the zen we get this week. *sigh*


Charlie:  “I was first in my fence-climbing class at Pelican Bay.  Failed out of tunneling though.  You ever try to dig with a spoon?  Tough stuff.”

Loved the Rachel subplot.


First, raise your hand if you chuckled when Charlie said, “Ok, you can come.  But you stay in the car.” 


I have to admit that I’m still confused about the storyline there, because they’re doing what I usually like, which is offering almost no exposition.  But is she a minor?  If so, is somebody her legal guardian?  If not, WTF?  She was living with Kyle, then Jack (?) had her hidden at a hostel, is that right?  Then Charlie found her and she agreed to move into his house?  Who told her that Charlie didn’t kill her family?  I know she can read the paper and stuff, but if she doesn’t know Charlie and doesn’t have any kind of relationship with him, then why is she living there?  Just because she has nowhere else to go?  If she likes Jack Reese so much, why isn’t she living with him instead?  These are the questions you guys can help me with. 


Having said all that, I like them together.  I liked the whole kitchen table metaphor thingy.  Charlie, Ted and Rachel make a cute family.  And I liked his line about telling the truth to strangers.  That’s true!  And the fact that he understands her so well and that he’s so respectful of her makes a relationship between them feel very plausible.  I just don’t’ really understand how she got there in the first place, is all.

Hated the looming Reese/Tidwell thing.  Some more.


Though I did love that moment when both of them are uncomfortable and Charlie just looks at them and figures it out.  He hasn’t said so yet, but you KNOW he’s figured it out.


Did you guys notice a beauty-and-the-beast theme in this ep?  Reese looks at the pictures of the suspects, on the board.

Reese:  “Ben, I get.  Dale, I kinda get.  But Tom?”

Charlie:  “Reese, why would a beautiful woman date a man like Tom?”

Reese:  “For money.”

Charlie:  “Why would a beautiful woman date a man like Tom if she had her own money?”


Then, later, the con-artist woman says about not!Hanna loving Lenny, “But she loved him.  Some women have the worst taste in men.”


Is this just me being overly sensitive to my thing about him being not attractive enough for her?  Or is the show trying to address it?  I can’t decide.  Because they didn’t answer those questions…


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Nov. 6th, 2008 04:24 pm (UTC)
I think the show is trying to address it without addressing it. The show wants to have it both ways. It is a very LA kind of show.

I liked this episode a lot, even though Mrreall and I called the bodyguard the first time we saw him. By the way, I really wish I had the voice of the fat woman who does a variety of phone related services.

But, most importantly, was the Charlie's ex-wife in bed with him in the preview for next week? If it is I want to take Jon Stewart's spork to my mind's eye.

Nov. 6th, 2008 04:55 pm (UTC)
But, most importantly, was the Charlie's ex-wife in bed with him in the preview for next week?

YES IT WAS! Give me the spork when you're done with it. I am so disappointed.

Bright side: If they do it next week, my guess is that she's gone after that. Ooh, let's have him solve her murder!
Nov. 6th, 2008 05:19 pm (UTC)
I really wish I had the voice of the fat woman who does a variety of phone related services.

Kinda fabulous, wasn't it? In at least two senses of the word.

"Mean is where Lenny *starts.*" made me laugh out loud. (Not that it was a funny thought; it was more the deliciously annoyed and knowing, and at the same time dismissive, way she said it.)

I am still behind by two or three episodes.... catching up soon.
Nov. 6th, 2008 06:43 pm (UTC)
Something funny I noticed, to go back to the Tidwell/Reese thing was when he was talking to her at the end (which I thought was very good, by the way. Guess it would be Taco Bell for them), his hair was marginally less awful. A little less slicked back.

I keep thinking they are going to do some kind of makeover on him.
Nov. 6th, 2008 10:08 pm (UTC)
his hair was marginally less awful.

Yes! I noticed that too. For me, Donal Logue has a pretty low attractiveness ceiling on which he's going to bump his head. But let's see what they come up with!

His character frightens and confuses me. Is dating...well, even worse...hitting on your subordinate not still a huge-ass deal? Especially for an organization like the police department, for which words like "fraternization" don't sound so ridiculously out of date?

Is he just such a maverick* that he doesn't care? The IM, then the kiss, then the "lets talk about divorce over dinner". This is all moving the ball forward, and he has the ball.

Does anyone have a different take?

* Hee. If Tom Cruise in Top Gun was the nail in the coffin for "maverick" as a cool word, this election season has been the final handful of dirt on its grave.
Nov. 7th, 2008 06:29 pm (UTC)
No, I think you are probably right, and I would probably find it all terribly squicky if it weren't for the fact that Reece would be more than capable of shutting him down hard and forever if she wanted to, but clearly there is something about him that she likes.

How about the fact that, apart from being a cop, he couldn't be much different from her father if he tried?
Nov. 7th, 2008 06:36 pm (UTC)
How about the fact that, apart from being a cop, he couldn't be much different from her father if he tried?

Good one. I'm gonna go with that. :-)

I've seen commentary and reviews that are critical of Sarah Shahi, but I really like her. They call her wooden, or one-note, but I totally disagree. She's guarded, and that's for several good reasons. I can always see what's going on in her head, which means she's doing a great job.

Case in point: the very subtle but telling expression on her face during each of those first two scenes with Tidwell. (Where he asked to talk to her alone.)
Feb. 20th, 2010 11:15 am (UTC)
Ooooh. Since she's my latest girl crush I'd have to send my other after any such people to beat them up. She's awesome! She does so much with her facial expressions and it works so well for her character and Reese's interactions with Crews.

I'm so glad I bought it all instead of notnetflixing because I now have to go and watch the pilot again...
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