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Toby, come quick! Nix is in his underwear!

All pictures from a picpams by totallybalancedand tasteofblame</lj>.

RECAP: Just based on the interviews up front, you know this is Winters’ episode. Like all the other ones aren’t. But we’re gonna hit it hard this time, is the message.

Winters is panting. I’m in favor of this, so far. Dick Winters is running and panting. He reaches the top of a berm. A German soldier rises to his knees. Winters shoots him.

Flash forward to October 17, 1944. Shoonderlogt, Holland. Winters stands, lost in thought, looking out a window. “Lew! Wake up! They want us back at regiment…..Come on, Nix, get up.” (He’s in Nix’s bedroom!) He claps a few times. Winters walks over and pulls back a curtain to see Nixon sleeping on his tummy, in his underwear, adorably hugging a pillow, one leg hitched up. Winters addresses his ass.

Is this scene not down on its knees begging for fan fiction? I’m not volunteering, I’m just saying that if there aren’t dozens of versions of this scene out there somewhere, I’ll eat my remote.

Winters: “Come on, something’s up. Strayer’s orders.”
Nix mumbles: “Ok, go ahead. I’ll be right down.”
Winters: “Come on, you got ten minutes.”
Nixon: “Go away.”
Winters: “Come on.” He pats him on the lower back. God help me.
Nixon: “Leave me alone.”
Winters: “Ok…”
He picks up a pitcher of what is CLEARLY not beer or water, Dick, Jesus Christ. And pours it on Nixon. Nix sputters and barks that it’s urine. His own, at least.
Winters laughs. At which point I think we all agree it was worth it.
Nixon: “Son of a bitch.” He lunges cutely at Dick.

Nixon and Winters ride in a jeep to battalion HQ. Nixon exposits that they are the only unit that has the Germans on the German side of the Rhine….. “Are you listening to me?” Winters: “Hanging on every word.” Ooh. Playful. I like it.

Sink introduces everybody to Colonel Dobie of the British 1st Airborne. Sink reminds them that the Brits lost 8,000 men when Market Garden failed. Dutch Resistance is hiding 140 of their “red devil” paratroopers just outside a German-held town. Operation Pegasus will evacuate the paratroopers across the river and into Allied hands, using six boats.

Strayer tells Winters he’s still waiting for an a After Action report, a TO&E and an inventory. Sink says Winters is late with a report of the action of October 5; Sink can’t write citations until he gets it.

Look at Winters. Do you know Winters by now? Isn’t he wearing the exact same face he was when he walked in? Why no. That minute shift in muscle tension on his face means…displeasure and…what’s that? Resignation. Yes. Good job, grasshoppers.

So Dick doesn’t want to do these reports, possibly because he types with two fingers. He titles the first report something about the action of 5 October. We flash back.

October 5. Nighttime. Everybody’s got that cammo grease paint on. They’re in some kind of house. Talbert has found a dog, which he’s named Trigger. Luz approves. Tab muses to Winters about the youth and hairlessness of the replacements.

Bang. Liebgott carries a very blown up Alley in and they lay him on a table. You know, Liebgott does get a lot of his friends’ blood on him, I have to say, which probably accounts for his periods of bitchiness. Somebody goes for the doc, Lipton says calming things to Alley, and Winters wants to know WTF happened. A grenade, at the place the road crosses the dike. They call Lt. Welsh and Lipton assembles 1st squad.

They head out into the darkness, traveling along a ditch. Winters investigates automatic weapon fire and comes back to signal Talbert, who signals the squad to move across the road. They position mortars and the guys go forward, set up, and aim at the Germans milling around. They fire, kill some, and fall back. They fire mortars. Winters calls for support. Dukeman is down.

Morning. Talbert informs Winters that the rest of 1st platoon has arrived. Winters explains that the Easy boys are in a ditch, whereas the Germans, larger in number, are behind a fortified wall. As soon as the Germans figure this out, they will outflank our guys and kill them. Winters says they have no choice but to attack.

Flash forward to October 17. Winter is typing. Nix comes in, sheepishly. “I don’t know why I’m still doing this.”
Winters: “Drinking?”
Nixon: “No. Hiding it in your footlocker. I’m a captain, for Christ’s sake.”
Winters: “Why don’t you just give it up?”
Nixon: “Drinking?”
Winters: “No, Hiding it in my footlocker; you’re a captain, for pete’s sake.”
Nix chuckles at Dick’s version of his exclamation. He decides the Allied advance isn’t the time for a guy to go through withdrawal and takes another drink. He starts to leave, stops and looks at Winters, laboring over his typewriter.
“Dick, you know, that’s not literature. Keep it simple. Try writing it in the first person, plural. Use ‘we’ a lot.” Winters wryly thanks him.

Flash back to the morning of October 5. Winters gives orders and tells them to fix bayonets. He throws a smoke canister; the men are to advance on the red smoke. Winters takes off running.

Honestly, I never did understand this part. 1) Why would one man begin an attack on a known opponent --- why wouldn’t they hit them in force, all at once? And 2) the men have a bit of a false start when the can makes a popping sound. Does the canister malfunction? It does seem a long time before the red smoke starts and the boys run to back Winters up.

In any case, the guys running through the red smoke is pretty.

And Winters is standing up there on the ridge, by himself, shooting at dozens of Germans for what seems like an eternity. First that kid, then the rest. The platoon reaches his position and opens fire. They see that there’s a whole nother company of Germans coming over the wall. Winters gets the radio and calls in a strike and the artillery blasts block the Germans’ retreat to the ferry. Germans are killed in large numbers.

Web and Martin roust several out of a hole. The Germans protest in German that they are Polish; Webster translates. Martin says there are no Polish in the SS. So that’s what they are. Score.

Luz is on the radio sending a contact report. German artillery starts hitting their position. Boyle is down. Webster is down, yelling, “They got me!”

The fight’s over, but Liebgott is still firing.
Winters: “Joe! Knock it off.”
Liebgott: “God damn it, what?”
Winters touches the bandage on Liebgott’s neck. “You’re bleeding.”
Liebgott: “It’s nothin, Cap.”
Winters: “I want you to take these prisoners back to battalion and get cleaned up.”
Liebgott: “Come on, Kraut boys.”
Winters pauses: “Joe? Drop your ammo.”
Liebgott: “What?”
Winters: “Drop your ammo.”
Liebgott: “You kidding me?” See? He’s mouthy when he’s on the edge like this.
Winters takes all the rounds out of this rifle and puts one bullet back in.
“You have one round. Johnny, how many prisoners do we have?”
Martin: “Got eleven right now, sir.”
Winters: “You drop a prisoner, the rest will jump you. I want all prisoners back at CP alive.”

It’s scenes like this when I stop to wonder at the great accents on these guys. Winters, Martin and Liebgott are played by two Brits and a Scot. You can’t hear that at all. They even have different American accents. Fantastic.

Now we let Webster be Webster. He’s getting his leg wound bandaged but what he’s really unhappy about is the cliché he blurted. He wants a rewrite. “’They got me.’ Do you believe that? Do you believe I said that?” Heh. Pretty face aside, I have a soft spot for Web cause he can be such a dork.

Nixon’s now on the scene, getting the run down on the battle. He asks where Winters is.

Flash forward to October 17. Just so we can see Damian Lewis’ pretty eyes, apparently. I’m starting to think Spanks is just messing with me now, because…

Flash back to October 5. Nix finds Winters, squatting against a fence post. Nix crouches next to him and talks. I love this scene.
Nixon: “22 wounded, huh? Are you ok?”
Winters: “Yeah. One dead. Dukeman.”
Nixon: “Dukeman…. You’re looking at two full companies of SS out there. Fifty dead, probably 100 wounded. Seven back in the regimental cage, plus a whole string of them up there. That’s not bad for Dukeman.”
Winters: “You got a drink? Of water.”
Nixon stands, opens and sniffs the canteen. “Yeah, it’s water.” He gives Winters the canteen.
Nixon looks down. He watches as Winters takes a drink and lets his head fall back against the post. Nixon smiles. His eyes follow Winters as he stands up.
Nixon: “You ok?”
Winters walks away. Nix follows.

I love this scene like I love the scene in Day of Days, where Nixon finds Dick after the assault on the German guns, in which Hall was killed, and reminds him how much ass he is kicking. And how he is literally helping to win the war. The German map on D-Day; the companies of SS on this day. Whether it’s these victories or the disappointment of Eindhoven, Nix sends Winters off to battle, then finds him when he’s done, checks that he’s ok, and reminds him what a big damn hero he is. And I’m not even slashing them here; it’s gorgeous just as it is.

Sink hearts Winters a little bit too. He wants him as Executive Officer, 2nd Battalion. He says Col Strayer “could use some help.” That’s my sense too.
Winters: “I could handle the men in the field, sir.”
Sink: “That’s right. You’re a solid tactician and a good leader. Don’t worry about the administration.” Ha! Colonel, could you flash forward with me? It’ll only take a second.
Winters agrees that Moose Heyliger is the right choice to command Easy.

Flash forward to October 17. Nixon and Moose come calling on Dick, who’s still writing reports. They have much fun with Dick’s new orderly, and figure the “order” part is about coffee and bacon sandwiches, for which he is dispatched. Winters is all whatever until he’s reminded that Moose is leading the men to rescue the Brits that night.

Now Winters is all ears and suggestions. He asks Moose many questions. He has lots of advice. This is, like, three episodes worth of Winters dialogue here. He’s clearly worried about Easy. He even stops Nix on his way out to ask about the intel on the rescue. Nix assures him it’ll be fine. “Why don’t you ask Moose when he gets back?” Good boy.

Boats. Moose, Dobie, Welsh and the team across the river to get the British paratroopers. It cracks me up that the Americans’ call and response thing is “Flash” and “Thunder”. The British is “Liecester”…”Square”. That’s cute. One hundred and forty British paratroopers step out of the darkness. (This is a lot like a dream I had once.) The rescue goes off without a hitch.

Celebration time. Everyone's indoors and safe. Moose gets a red beret and the Brits toast him and the 101st. Winters listens from his quarters with a smile.

October 31, Driel, Holland. OMG, so glad Winters finished those reports. I was getting flashback whiplash. Winters and Moose are walking along train tracks. Winters is advising him some more. Train your platoon leaders; trust your non-coms. I wonder if he’s been giving Moose advice continuously since October 17?

Somebody yells halt. Moose is shot. Winters yells “Cease fire!” The greenest greenbean private in the armed forces runs toward them, apologizing. Winters tells him to send for Welsh. As if to prove my point, the private stands there like a dumbass. Winters yells at him to Send. For Lt. Welsh!

Winters and Welsh have Moose at the ambulance as Doc Roe arrives. The private apologizes some more and starts to freak out a little.
Winters: “Where are you from, trooper?”
Private Dumbass: “Wyoming, sir.”
Winters: “Then you’re a long way from home, Private.”
Which is nicer to him I’m being, perhaps because I’ve seen Bastogne and Breaking Point and Winters hasn’t. It sure would be great if Moose wasn’t shot right now.

Roe: “You gave him morphine?”
Welsh: “Yes.”
Roe: “How much?”
Welsh: “Two or three syrettes, maybe.”
Roe: “Two or three syrettes, maybe. Jesus Christ, are you trying to kill him?”
Welsh: “I think it was two.”
Roe: “You didn’t think it would be important to tell me how much medication the man has had? Cause I do not see one syrette on the man’s jacket.”
Welsh: “He was in a lot of pain. We didn’t know what to do.”
Roe: “Yeah, well you oughta! You are officers, you are grown-ups and you oughta know!”
Yeah! You go, Eugene! Eugene Roe rocks. But I really think this scene is more satisfying after you see Bastogne, so it’s a fist-pump for the second-timers.

Winters taps the ambulance door with a bloody hand and it takes off.

December 10, 1944, Mourmelon-le-Grand, France. Winters, Nixon and Welsh are in Winters’ office. He says Easy is at 65% strength and most of them are replacements. Welsh says the buzz on Dike, Moose’s replacement, is not good. Winters says Easy’s being held together by the NCOs: “Toccoa men”. (Apparently Col. Sink showed great foresight when he didn’t shoot them for treason that one time.)

Guarnere’s back! AWOL from the hospital, cause that’s how the cool kids roll. He’s got a letter from Moose and a line on a French establishment. Seems all the boys have recreation on their mind. I have a wish list, and this isn’t it: Sink’s in Reims, Strayer’s in London, and Nix is going to back to Aldbourne to find "a certain lady." Nixon implies that Winters is a little tense, so he’s sending Winters to Paris for 48 hours. Yeah, that’ll work.

Ooh, but the dress uniform. I am consoled. Winters sits at a brasserie, looking awesome. Riding the train, Winters sees a sweet boy and flashes back to October 5. We finally see the really very bloody well played look on that German kid’s face before Winters shot him. Geez, I’d be haunted too. On the train, Winters loses track of time. Sweet French teenager tells him that they’re at the terminal, the trains all stop here and everybody has to get off. (Or something very close to that --- it’s been a long time since French class.) He salutes Dick adorably.

BATH! Winters takes off his clothes and takes a bath. Wow, that look on his face is almost obscene. (I’m going to assume that we’re all calibrated for Winters’ facial expressions now.)

Back at camp, everybody's watching a Marlene Dietrich movie. Luz is imitating her, and he's annoying. George, if you can get Lipton to glare at you like that, you are annoying. Luz has seen the movie before, apparently.

Buck is back, but maybe not all of him. Winters gets it.

The movie is called off; the war is back on. Elements of the SS Panzer (tank) division have broken through Allied positions in the Ardennes forest. Passes cancelled; officers report. Everybody leaves. Winters stands but then waits for Buck to move. Buck starts to get up. Winters walks away. That's a good scene.

Bastogne, Belgium. Oh good, here’s Dike. They’ve been looking for him. His first order of business is to bitch about Strayer not being back from the wedding in London. Winters tells him he might spend his energy looking for winter clothing, food and ammo for his men. These things being critical to survival and victory in a way that Winters knows Strayer is really not. Dike sends Peacock and Buck to do it, so he can stand by the fire some more.

Sink explains to the officers that Bastogne is a strategic town because there are seven roads in and seven roads out, making it ideal for German armory movement. Sink wants them to own the perimeter and “dig in tight as a tick” around Bastogne. Oh good, here’s Strayer.

Soldiers, presumably from the divisions that were overrun by German tanks, are retreating along the road. Easy men strip them of their ammo.

A jeep arrives, with more ammo. Hi, Jimmy Fallon! Sorry, he says he’s Lt. George Rice of the 10th Armored Division. He also says the Panzer Division is soon to cut the road south. “Looks like you guys are gonna be surrounded.”

Winters (awesomely): “We’re paratroopers, Lieutenant. We’re supposed to be surrounded.”

The tag says Easy settled into the woods near Bastogne without artillery or air support, and without sufficient winter clothes, food or ammunition.

Poll #1303043 Crossroads

Inside Your Head: What does Winters do, instead of throwing urine on Nixon?

Splashes him with water.
Leaves him there and lets him be late for class.
Jumps up and down on the bed.
Bangs things real close to his head.
Draws him a bath and gets in, calling to him from the tub.
Spoons him awake. Slowly.
Helps him with his little problem... The morning kind. *sigh* The reason he’s lying on his stomach right now.

What should Web have yelled when he got shot?

”Mother fucking cunt!”
”I’m done for!”
”Adieu, mes amis. Je vais la gloire!”
”Acta est fabula, plaudite!”
”Please, God, don’t let me die until I have one night with ______________!” please fill in the blank in your comments.

Worst OMFG Moment:

Nixon is hit by his own urine.
Alley is hit by a grenade.
Dukeman is killed.
Winters kills that little baby SS boy.
Our boys kill Germans like it’s a turkey shoot.
Webster is shot in the vocabulary.
Winters sits inside for hours, typing reports.
Moose is shot by Private Dumbass.
The boys walk into the freezing woods with little protection.

Best OMG Moment:

Winters stands alone and fires at many Germans.
1st Platoon takes out two divisions of German SS.
Winters is promoted again.
British paratroopers are saved.
Buck is back.
Guarnere is back.
Doc Roe unleashes an insubordinate but righteous rant on Winters and Welsh.
Jimmy Fallon’s in Band of Brothers!

Best Bromantic Moment:

Winters wakes Nixon.
Lipton comforts Alley.
Winters saves Liebgott from years of therapy by taking his ammo.
Nixon helps Winters feel better after the battle.
Winters is worried about Easy Company.
Nixon helps Winters feel better about Easy.
Winters enables Nixon’s alcoholism.
Nixon laughs at Winters’ complete inability to curse.
Nixon sends Winters to Paris. Without him! Never mind..
Winters is concerned for Buck.

Sweetest Face in Crossroads:

Talbert, just because he’s extra cute lately.
Webster. He’s in the episode, he makes this kind of list.
The German SS kid, just before he realizes he’s going to die.
Nixon after the battle, when he sees that Winters is going to be ok.
Nixon, all sheepish about his drinking.
Winters, lost in thought.
The French kid, saluting Winters.
Jimmy Fallon!

On a scale of Ominous:

It’s wintertime.
They’re surrounded.
They have no air or artillery support.
They have no winter clothing, not enough food and limited ammo.
Sink is all, “Make like a tick. Good luck.”.
Dike is in charge of Easy.



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Nov. 24th, 2008 04:39 am (UTC)
Toby, come quick! Nix is in his underwear!

Mary, bring popcorn!

Okay, okay, sorry. I couldn't resist. *non-Band of Brothers watcher slinks away*
Nov. 24th, 2008 05:01 am (UTC)
Don't slink! No slinking! Why don't you Netflix it and join us!

Either way, thanks for completing my quote. :-D
(no subject) - quaggy_mire - Nov. 24th, 2008 05:19 am (UTC) - Expand
Nov. 24th, 2008 12:01 pm (UTC)
Jeez, I almost spit coffee on my keyboard. How the hell are you this hilarious with the week you're having?

Anyway, enough with fangirling my own sister.

He picks up a pitcher of what is CLEARLY not beer or water, Dick, Jesus Christ.

I don't know. It looked like it could have been flat beer. And Dick barely glanced at it. I think he didn't know just because of his reaction. He was startled when Nix freaked out and hurled the pillow at him and then it was all about trying not to laugh.

Awesome scene, even with the ick factor.

I really did love the stuff with Roe. And you're right, it's better on the rewatch because I only vaguely remember that scene from the first time and the only reason I remember it at all is because of the surprise at Winters getting yelled at. Knowing what's ahead makes me notice how great Roe is. He knows his job and he doesn't suffer fools. Even if the fools are his commanding officers. Even if his commanding officers are not normally fools and he knows this very well. You make a dumbass mistake that endangers Roe's patient, he's gonna tell you about it and he doesn't give a shit how many stripes are on your uniform.

The boys running through red smoke was a gorgeous visual.

The whole thing with Winters being buried in administration ("Is that a piece of paper? I do not want to see another piece of paper!") was really good because so much was tied up in it. Winters doesn't feel like a real soldier anymore, he's not happy with Easy being in anyone else's hands (even before Moose got shot), and I got the sense that part of the reason that combat report was so late was that it was his last duty as Easy's commander and he was procrastinating.

The dress uniform was lovely, as were the uber-atmospheric shots of wartime Paris at night. I read somewhere though, the bit on the train was the only part of the whole series that the real Winters didn't like. He said it looked like he was trying to pick up the French kid.


Even if I hadn't seen Bastogne before, I would have been filled with dread at the end of this episode. The zombie-like procession of troops headed out, the way the boys are just grabbing ammo off their unresisting bodies, and nobody has warm clothing. But here they go.

Badness ahead.
Nov. 24th, 2008 04:04 pm (UTC)
How the hell are you this hilarious with the week you're having?

Band of Brothers inspires me to push through it. (And thank you, dear --- I could use some fangirls right about now.)
(no subject) - tomfoolery815 - Nov. 24th, 2008 04:10 pm (UTC) - Expand
Nov. 24th, 2008 03:05 pm (UTC)
Toby, come quick!
Alex, what is Something Andi never said?

"A handheld red torch ... that would be a handheld red flashlight." Winters should take note of the eyes Torch Chap is making at Nix.
Nov. 24th, 2008 03:51 pm (UTC)
I noticed that, too!

You have to skew things slightly, of course, since it was a British guy. :)
(no subject) - marymary - Nov. 24th, 2008 04:02 pm (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - aunt_deen - Nov. 24th, 2008 04:21 pm (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - marymary - Nov. 24th, 2008 04:32 pm (UTC) - Expand
Nov. 24th, 2008 03:50 pm (UTC)
”Please, God, don’t let me die until I have one night with Dorothy Parker editing a slim volume of verse!” please fill in the blank in your comments.

Nov. 24th, 2008 04:20 pm (UTC)
Hey! You hijacked my thing and drove it to Brainytown!

I like it. :-)
Nov. 24th, 2008 04:00 pm (UTC)
BATH! Winters takes off his clothes and takes a bath. Wow, that look on his face is almost obscene. (I’m going to assume that we’re all calibrated for Winters’ facial expressions now.)

He doesn't just take that bath. He takes the hell out of it, my friend.
Nov. 24th, 2008 04:18 pm (UTC)
Ha! He does indeed.

And you know I have a thing for men in hot water.
Nov. 24th, 2008 04:14 pm (UTC)
I don't know. It looked like it could have been flat beer. And Dick barely glanced at it. I think he didn't know just because of his reaction.

Yes, I completely agree with you that he didn't know what it was. I'm just saying that when I looked at the pitcher, it really didn't look like beer to me. I was teasing Winters about being less than observant. But I get that he didn't know.

Knowing what's ahead makes me notice how great Roe is.

Right. I don't think it's too spoilery to say that he's more stoic or distant in Bastogne. Frozen maybe; hard to tell. But it is weird that I almost want to see this scene at the end of that! Though the end of that is good too.

the bit on the train was the only part of the whole series that the real Winters didn't like. He said it looked like he was trying to pick up the French kid.

Thanks for bringing that. That is hilarious! So the real Winters watches all of B of B and THAT'S where he picks up too much homoerotic subtext? Ha. Well, it's almost sweet. Like, he looked at all the Winters and Nixon stuff and said, "Yeah, that looks about right." Makes me happy, somehow.

BTW, I haven't read the Ambrose book *hangs head in shame* so I could be wrong about this. But I read a reader's account, which said that the "wake up" scene is in there. But in in it, Winters actually hauls Nixon over his shoulder as Nixon begs not to have the pitcher dumped on him. Or something. *off to the bookstore so I can call myself a Band of Brothers fan*
Nov. 24th, 2008 04:20 pm (UTC)
I'm thinking I need to re-read the book over the holidays. Because I'm half remembering things left and right and I'm not sure what's book, what's HBO, and what's slashy wishful thinking.

And yeah, I love that he thought the Winters/Nixon stuff was accurate. Unless you have slash-colored goggles on, a lot of this stuff will go right over your head. I've rewatched things in recent years that I saw a million times before and it's kind of hilarious how I'm just now noticing the crashing cymbals of slash.
(no subject) - marymary - Nov. 24th, 2008 04:27 pm (UTC) - Expand
Nov. 24th, 2008 04:23 pm (UTC)
Winters agrees that Moose Heyliger is the right choice to command Easy.
Sink suggests the promotion, and the POV shot shows Dick immediately turning to look at the men. His first question: Who takes over Easy?

Especially great subtle camera work in this one, specifically the use of matched cuts.

They have much fun with Dick’s new orderly,
NIX: Who are you?
SELINSKI: Selinski.
NIX: Who's this?
DICK: Selinski.
This shouldn't be as funny as it is.

Winters taps the ambulance door with a bloody hand and it takes off.
Horrifyingly great shot.

Buck is back, but maybe not all of him. Winters gets it.
Dick can tell something's wrong with Buck. He gets up to leave first, but he waits until Buck gets up before he heads out the door ahead of him. Dick does all of this without saying a word or looking at Buck.
Nov. 24th, 2008 04:31 pm (UTC)
Everybody leaves. Winters stands but then waits for Buck to move. Buck starts to get up. Winters walks away.

Great minds. ;-)
(no subject) - aunt_deen - Nov. 24th, 2008 05:35 pm (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - tomfoolery815 - Nov. 24th, 2008 06:37 pm (UTC) - Expand
Nov. 24th, 2008 04:43 pm (UTC)
Sink suggests the promotion, and the POV shot shows Dick immediately turning to look at the men. His first question: Who takes over Easy?

Yeah, Tom, I like how they handle this. It works because Winters, as played, is so reticent and non-reactive. So when he looks at the men, here, and suddenly expresses all that interest in Pegasus, and peppers Moose and Nixon with questions, and coaches Moose to death...it's not just what he says and does. It's the fact that these are departures from his normal behavior, so you're getting the message on two levels.

The other nice thing is that it casts your mind way back to Currahee, where the NCOs risked court martial over Winters' removal as their CO. You could have interpreted that simply as hatred and mistrust for Sobel, but the scene where they come out of Sink's office, file past Winters and salute gives the impression that it's as much about confidence and loyalty for Winters. They trust him. Now we see how protective he feels toward them. It's a nice circle they make.
Nov. 24th, 2008 04:44 pm (UTC)
Moose gets a red beret and the Brits toast him and the 101st.
That was a nice bit of bonding. Right down to the Brits shouting "Currahee!"
Nov. 24th, 2008 04:52 pm (UTC)
This shouldn't be as funny as it is.

You're so right, Tom. I almost mentioned that. (It's on the cutting room floor. Think of it -- my recaps could be even longer! *scares you*) It's such a simple line, but RL's timing and delivery make it hilarious.

Seriously, whenever I try to explain my love for Ron Livingston, I fail. His genius is slippery, IMO. He makes Nixon, at once, a screw-up, an addict, a goofy fool, the best friend you could ever have, a brilliant mind, a cocky bastard, a knowingly seductive playboy. HOW DOES HE DO THAT? I demand to know. ;-)
Nov. 24th, 2008 05:01 pm (UTC)
Oh, I meant to say. The two quotes in the Webster poll.

”Adieu, mes amis. Je vais la gloire!” are the last words of Isadora Duncan. (hee) "Goodbye, my friends. I go to glory!"

”Acta est fabula, plaudite!” are supposed to be the last words of Augustus. "The play is over, applaud!" Which was what they said at the end of plays back then, I guess.

Both of which I could totally hear Web saying, so they cracked me up.

And I want him to want a last night with, hmmm....oh, let's go for broke. Speirs.
Nov. 24th, 2008 05:34 pm (UTC)
I could see that night. It would mostly consist of Speirs trying to get Web to shut the hell up.

Take that as you like.
Nov. 24th, 2008 06:14 pm (UTC)
Take that as you like.

*takes it that way*
Nov. 24th, 2008 07:11 pm (UTC)
Ha. I agree, aunt_deen. As you might know, I really like characters who compliment each other. All the great partnerships have this: Winters/Nixon, Crews/Reese, Fraser/Ray, Joe/Billy, House/Wilson, Kara/Lee... That's the thing that makes it work and makes it fun.

So if I'm pairing sweet, thinky Webster with somebody, it has to be someone who's going to come bearing the badassery. I think they'd get along great. ;-) Plus, quel jolie!

My, our thread is slashy this week. *looks innocent*

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Nov. 25th, 2008 08:38 pm (UTC)
"All the great partnerships have this: Winters/Nixon, Crews/Reese, Fraser/Ray, Joe/Billy, House/Wilson, Kara/Lee... That's the thing that makes it work and makes it fun."

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Nov. 24th, 2008 07:21 pm (UTC)
*shoos you out of the subthreads*

Neal McDonough is so good in the movie scene. He's just somewhere else until Winters touches him and he starts. And even the way he's sitting, sort of hunched, knees a little too close together, you can just tell that last battle changed him.

Yes, I agree with both of you. He does a great job as Buck. On both sides of his arc, if that makes sense. He was that guy; now he's this guy.

The face really works for him. I've said it before --- he's some hybrid of a square-jawed caricature of all-American manhood and a freaking alien from outer space. And you're right, his whole body language has changed -- good catch.

NM was on Bonnie Hunt recently, and actually talked for a few minutes about B of B! He said he showed up to read and Tom Hanks was one of the people behind the table. Neal asked who he'd be reading with, and Tom said, "Me!" So they read. Neal said that if he did that for Neal, he must have read with hundreds of actors for dozens of parts. It's that kind of involvement and commitment that indicated what a special project it would be. It jives with attention to detail on the military stuff, too.

Neal is cute. He's very sweet and effusive. His wife is so not a trophy wife that she makes me like him more.

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