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Band of Brothers Rewatch, The Goodie Bag: Damian Lewis Picspam

My thing about Damian Lewis might sound a little blasphemous at first, so bear with me, ok?  You know how much I love him.  But it's not really about his looks.  He’s not perfect-looking.  Shut up, hear me out.  I love the hair, love the eyes (!), the body (hello), and the overall impression is very pleasing to the eye.  And he’s tall, which we tall girls like.  But his face is otherwise just very nice and he has some dental issues.  Sorry. It’s fine, it’s fine!  I have come to see it as cute.  YMMV, that’s just me.  Let me put it this way.  If he were stupid and not talented, but looked exactly the same, I could take him or leave him.


So how is he one of the hottest men I can think of?  I think it’s everything together.  The gestalt of him.  First, he’s got mojo for daaaays.  He seems beyond comfortable in his skin and has just the right amount of confidence.  And it's clear that he’s smart.  Not just smart smart, but he really knows what to do with what he’s got, in front of any kind of camera.  You’ll see what I mean, if you don’t already, in the pics.  I would imagine that photographers like him.  Based on what I see, my guess is that he’s not in need of booze and fluffing.

He's got a wonderful physical presence.  Each of DL's characters walks and moves just the way he should.  I get most excited about how Crews moves, on Life, because he gets to really take the bod out for spin in a way that he can't in some other pieces.  The walk, the leans, the cocking of the head, the way he holds himself, the way he holds a gun.  Most of you read my enthusiasm for one of the episodes of Life this season, where I was all clappy over his makeout scene.  I said, "You kiss just like Charlie Crews!"  And, IMO, he did.  It's a gift, the physical side of acting, and he has it.  It doesn't come from the muscles, it comes from the head, and it's dead sexy. 

Am I making my point?  I feel like I'm not making my point.  Which is...ok, you know that thing about how the brain is the most important sex organ?  Yeah, he’s the worldwide spokesmodel for that. 


There’s a lot going on in there, and that’s precisely why I love him as an actor, not just as icon material.  He’s got a fantastic range:  Life, Band of Brothers, Forsyte Saga, Keane, The Baker, Dreamcatchers *g*, etc….  So his characters are very different, but what many of them have in common is that there is something unseen.  Something that the character is acting upon --- and we’re meant to know that --- but it’s something not spoken. 

Think about how powerful a performance Dick Winters is, and how minimal it is.  (You know how I love minimal.)  Soames Forsyte is just made of repression, yet we “get” him somehow and even sympathize.  Charlie Crews is often outwardly goofy and cheerful, but we never forget his depths and his motivations.  Damian, as Charlie or Winters or Forsyte, stares into space and I’m riveted.  No dialogue.  Who needs it?  Sometimes it's a look or a pause or a cock of the head or a minute change in expression.  Sometimes you can't even really identify what it was that told you what you needed to know.  In any case, it's always beautifully pitched.  DL has that thing where he seems to know that if he thinks it, if he is it, it will come through on-screen.


So I’m saying the package is magnificent. Hey now, that’s not what I meant.  Although...


Still reading and not scrolling?  You really are my peeps, aren’t you. *sniff*  Ok, go on, get outta here.  Have fun….


I feel a little creepy for putting someone's little kid pictures up, but look at the way he's standing there!  You can see it already.

Big Movie Star

Or a rock star.  Hard to say.

This picture KILLS ME.  It's my men in motion thing.  A lean like that is what I live for.

*whimpers*   I'm going to run out of flail before this thing is over.

Mr. Nice Guy

Cute.  Is that Rhys Ifans? 


adorkable *g*


Well, mostly devastating eyes, but sweaters.

Why do I love this so?  Somebody explain it to me.

Tease.  He's a tease.  That there is the definition of teasing.  And I guess it's sorta his job.  And it just gets worse, watch.


LEATHER.  Do you like my categories?

Look at all that ginger and all that ATTITUDE!  It's like no one has ever tried that combination before.


Holy mother of god.

SUITS!  This might be my favorite category. 


Two.  OMFG.

Sex on a chair.

This photo responsible for many Impure Thoughts

Jackets. Come. Off.

Epic Collar Pop.

Walls.  Just me?  Ok.




Innocent?  UNCONVINCING.  Though you look kinda sweet just there.

Yeah, ok, I'm sorry.  The Satan thing was over the line.  



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