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Life: Mirror Ball

“You ever have a nickname?”

“No, I never did.”

“You like one?”


“Come on, I’m real good at em.”


“That’s my name.  It’d be confusing if your nickname was my name.”


Charlie:  “…Ok.  Reese.  Dani Reese.  Dani Reese.  Your initials are D.R.  That’s good.  D.R. is good.  D.R. stands for Doctor…. ‘Doc Reese.’  Instant classic.”


That was great. But I was just ok with this episode.  Maybe it’s just suffering by comparison with “Did You Feel That”, which I just rewatched.  Wow, that’s a good episode.  Or maybe because there was zero consipiracy-chasing, Charlie wasn’t allowed to balance the funny with the dangerous.  And even the Perp of the Week wasn’t very scary --- therefore not nearly enough ass-kicking for my taste.


And I missed the Life-ish sound track, which they ditched for the retro music to fit the 80s cover-band theme.  *sigh*


Not bad, just not my favorite episode, by a long shot.  But, as I used to say about West Wing, even a mediocre episode is better than 95% of the other stuff on TV tonight.


And I must say that I sometimes forget how I love the way they shoot this show.  All the interesting camera angles, for one thing.  No, I’m not talking about the Crotch Cam this week.  This week I noticed a really nice overhead tracking shot, as Crews and Reese walk into the ballroom. Very pretty.


At the station.
Crews:  "Doc wasn't into guys with wigs."
Ha!  Tidwell likes the nickname too!

Tidwell:  “What’s with her?  Doc’s a great name.  I wish I had that name.”

Crews:  “It would be confusing.”



The dentist is such a HITG it’s driving me nuts.  Where have we seen him before?  Nuts, I tell you.  “Uncap the sharpie.”  Heh.


Hey, you guys, they cast a redhead on the show this week!  What are the chances.


Charlie’s dad’s a HITG too.  A well-known one, at that.  That’s Geoffrey Pierson, and he’s been on every TV show ever.  But where I remember him from is as…wow…Frank Ryan, on Ryan’s Hope.  Yeah.  It was a soap opera on ABC during the Mesozoic Era.


The scene between Charlie, his dad and Ted is brilliant.


First things first.  Casual clothes!  Yay.  You know I’m very pro-hoodie-and-jeans.  Nice.  Doorbell.  Cut.  Crap.  Director: we need more long shots when he’s wearing jeans.


Anyway, if I were Charlie I don’t know that I’d be answering my own door for awhile.


Dad:  “You’re a real tough guy, aren’t you?”

Charlie:  “Apple and the tree, you know?”

Nice.  Slightly menacing.  I’ll take it.

And Adam Arkin!  Slow clap for you.  Ted’s outbursts are hilarious, and Dad’s all confused as to why he’s even in the room.  Dad says Olivia has left him.

Ted: “That’s….terrible!

Charlie gives Ted a hard look.

Dad:  “It’s because of you!”

Ted:  “Because of ME?”


Ted finally blurts that he loves Olivia.

Charlie:  “Oh here we go…”

Dad:  “What kind of house is this???”


Patty:  “So you shot your dad.”

Charlie:  “I did.”

Patty:  “How’d you get all these bullet holes in your car?”

Charlie:  “I shot it.”

Patty:  “You sure shoot a lot of things.  Maybe you should be in Hot Lead.”


Tidwell, to the dentist who’s interviewing a new band:  “Your buddy isn’t even in the ground yet, and you’re moving on.  Where’s your candle in the wind, pal?”



Another week, another snark from me in the general direction of Tidwell and Reese.  I continue to shake my head in bogglement every time I see that, yes, they are a couple.  But I thought dumping the alcohol was very sweet, and they both played that nicely.  Though talking to it beforehand was just stupid and contrived.


Did anyone else notice that Tidwell is wearing a claddagh ring, turned the “taken” way?


Yay, here come Charlie and Reese to interrogate somebody at the station!  At last.  This never gets old.  Look how they burst into the room like the showmen they are.

Charlie: “You ruined it for me!  I had a perfectly good nickname for my partner and now I wanna call you doc and…you know, that just ruins it.”


I like how Reese makes Charlie say “uncap the sharpie.” Heh.


More jeans!  And Charlie’s getting our favorite car back!  Oh…just...no.  Stupid girls.

Charlie, about Olivia:  “If you love her, Ted, you should tell her.  Just stop telling me you love her.”

Like I said, this episode really didn't grab me.  But I've been rewatching Season 2 from the start and wow, it just gets better the more you watch.  I recommend it.


Next week:  Look, it’s that big smiley gay Other from Lost!  And Mrs. Something from that show…Facts of Life?  I never watched it.  Wait…Facts of Life.  That’s funny. 

Oh yeah, remember those golf pics in my picspam?  I told you I had another cute one from that same tournament.
But first...

Rob Lowe.  A little girl catches his attention.

Then she snags Damian.



Feb. 13th, 2009 12:25 am (UTC)
Not sad at all. :-)