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Top Ten Things About The Bottom Sister

Happy Birthday m_e_a_o !

She's the youngest of the five of us, the youngest of four sisters.   And March 18th is her birthday!!  Or, as she used to call it when she was little, "The March 18th".

1. She's a skinny bitch, as they say. And you know I mean that in the good way, right?  What separates the skinny from the skinny bitches, is that the skinny bitches come by it naturally.  She eats all she wants, whatever she wants, but she's just thin.  So she always looks great, Because, by the way...

2. She's very pretty.  Always has been.

3. She has a very dry manner. This is something I really like, and she is a great example.  Though she's often cheerful and enthusiastic, she has an admirable natural restraint that makes her a) quiet, b) a little bit mysterious, and c) protected from the sundry embarrassments suffered by her more chatty sisters especially when talking about TV or movies boys or after a few drinks.  For example.

4. She's always happy to see me.  I know, it's not really a quality, I just like it.

5. She's very playful.  She can always find the funny in any situation and she likes to mess with it.

6. She has a great sense of humor. No matter how sutble it is, what's going on in the room --- she sees it, she gets it, she laughs. (Inside.)  And she always laughed at my stupid jokes, like when I used to replace words in songs with food items. (She knows.)

7. She's the greatest mom ever except for our mom, of course.  She's better than I am. She's a better mom to MY kids than I am, most of the time.  She sees each one as an individual and loves that child for what he or she is.  She has enough of a child's sensibility (see Playful) to relate to them SO well on their level.  She's incredibly patient and kind.  When I had only ONE to deal with, and was at the end of my rope nonethelesss, she would step in and make whatever it was (mealtime, shampoo time) run like perfection.  She's the most natural mother I've ever known.  Especially to boys, so thank god she finally has one. :-)

8.  She can handle anything. She's a working mom of four children under age 9.  But if you need something done or organized or figured out, you give it to HER.  She just has that kind of mind and attitude.  It's all fine, no problem, she doesn't mind, don't worry about anything, have fun.

9.  I'm the oldest child in our family, but she's sort of like the other oldest child.  Which is nice for me, cause I can abdicate whenever I feel like it.  Oldests are supposed to be responsible, and she is definitely that.  She's the one you put in charge of stuff.  She'll be fair and thoughful and practical and she'll have great reasons for every decision and possibly visual aids.

10.  She's cute.  I can't really explain that one, she just is.  She'll be cute when she's 90.

Happy Birthday,
m_e_a_o !  <3<3<3



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Mar. 19th, 2009 02:35 am (UTC)
Hah! She totally deserves two lists!

And I sort of love how our lists mirror each other.
Mar. 19th, 2009 02:39 am (UTC)
So true! I just went and read yours. We're definitely talking about the same person.
Mar. 19th, 2009 03:45 am (UTC)

I'm glad I'm not too quiet and restrained for you to tell that I'm happy to see you. Because I am. Always. Especially when you bring me a pretty flowering hybiscus.

I have the best sisters ever.
Mar. 19th, 2009 09:30 pm (UTC)
You guys are the most adorable family ever. Happy Birthday M e a o!

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