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Where Starbuck finally gets her hands on Apollo's arrow.
- The Hand of God
- Colonial Day
- Kobol's Last Gleaming, 1 and 2



Dec. 19th, 2006 07:24 pm (UTC)
This is something only the military people say, and I like what it says about Laura

Good point. And Bill and Laura, even though they disagree often (especially coming up) and they have their own perspectives, are learning to respect each other. Once in a while I get a feeling that Bill's a little knee-jerk about stuff (e.g., "This is a military decision.") without thinking it through. But in general, they seem to be trying to embrace each other's point of view. And, to your point, I think Laura is particularly open to it. She's not only happy to step back and let the professionals work, she wants to demonstrate her support.

The Adamas are so sweet in this episode. The recapper noted this:
Lee: "I’ll bring it back." (the lighter)
Bill: "You’d better, or I’ll kick your ass."
Recapper says, "You’d hate the clichéd exchange, but you get the feeling Bill means it."