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Life is dead.

from Emmy Magazine

No cuts.  No cuts for you.  Not today.


“The most unique cop on TV, now that Vic Mackey has left the scene.” PopMatters


“So well-written that they apparently have no choice but to cancel it.” Huffington Post


“(A) clever piece of L.A. sun-drenched noir.” Matt Roush


Wait, let’s hear that whole quote, cause I’m feeling bitchy.


Seriously, what makes the revolting and woodenly acted Criminal Minds more of a draw on Wednesdays than this clever piece of L.A. sun-drenched noir?”  Matt Roush


These are just a couple of the many things critics have written in roughly the last week.  And they’re right.  I’ve been waxing lyrical all season about Life, so I won’t repeat it here except to say that it’s brilliant, stylish, riveting, moving and impeccably crafted.  Heh.  And impeccably tailored.


Though they never seem to mention The Pants, critics through the two seasons have consistently heaped praise on Life.  And the ratings haven’t been bad either.  Especially if you compare them to shows not on the big three.  One critic points out that during Life’s WORST week, it pulled in twice the viewers of critically acclaimed-yet-safe shows like Rescue Me.


Yet, apparently, Jay Leno is more than five times better than Life.  No, it’s actually worse than that. What they’re saying is that Leno’s FIFTH hour aired during a week is worth more than the one and only hour of Life.  So, after watching four hours of Leno during the week, the viewer would rather watch another hour of Leno than one hour of Life.


I don’t know whether to cry or break something or key Leno’s cars.  I’ll tell you what, flist, if you even give me a hint that you’re watching Leno next season I am coming to your house with my Life DVDs and a couple bottles of wine and maybe some rope and duct tape.  You will be my prisoner for a little while.  And after we watch all of Life, we’re going to watch Band of Brothers.  And the extras, oh yes.


Talk about your Stockholm Syndrome. 


The lovely and talented grimorie has been faithfully compiling everything Life for a while now, and she has the most wonderful stuff this week, including the link to the pic above and two more.  Go over there and and give her the slow clap.



Life, I love you.


May. 5th, 2009 02:23 am (UTC)
And they were my friends!

Each great show gone is sad. Some cancellations get a mere whimper from me, but some make me feel like borrowing a pack of cigarettes from Buck Compton. YOU KNOW?????

And gosh darn it I have an email I need to send you! More great stuff like before! You'll see... Tonight or tomorrow, promise.
May. 5th, 2009 02:28 am (UTC)

!! I have been too busy to follow up like I said I would. But, EEE. <33333!