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Chicago and Indianapolis: Part 1

FLIST: This is a post for ontd_ai. I want to keep it on my journal too, so it's here. But please feel free to pass it by. If you're not really interested in Idol at all, it will be mildly amusing at best. :-) This is Sarver through Danny.

- Dial-up hostile.
- So long; don’t read. Really.
- I luh everyone. A whole lot. If you’re looking for a description of how bad somebody sucked, the scroll bar is right there ---->
- All pics are from Indianapolis. I had major FAIL from my brand new camera, and many of my pics are blurry. I am the saddest of pandas. Most here are ok, but I truly apologize in advance for any blur.

In Chicago, I went with three sisters and a friend. aunt_deen is a huge Adam/Cook fan who lurks here. misreall is not, strictly speaking, an Idol fan, but she loves Adam. She doesn’t go here, or anywhere. The other two sisters are not LJ people: one Kris stan and one who likes both Kris and Adam.

No barricades, due to non-stanny sisters. I’m sorry about their lives, but I was driving and that’s how that goes. I had a hilarious Twitter conversation with rette_mich_th where we tried desperately to meet up, but it never happened. Mostly my fail.

We were in row 10 on the floor, which was pretty great. rette_mich_th fiannly tweeted me to just stand the fuck up and wave to her section, so I guess we sorta met that way. She’s a great waver, JSYK.

In Indy, it was me and aunt_deen. We went to the barricades, missed Matt, caught Danny and Lil. And Antonio! He waved to me and I got his pic. He and Lil had just gone shopping together.

Standing at the barricades, I overheard three girls talking and…IDK, they were just giving me an ontd_ai vibe. They were cute and informed and not making idiots of themselves. I said to my sis that I bet they go here, and I was right: it was ravenarrowand kalyroand a friend. They were a lot of fun to bake in the sun with.

Whilst baking, we saw some Indiana Glamberts. IDK how I knew who they were; I guess I’m just really perceptive about people.

Inside, we found out that ROW 14 at the Conseco Center was the first row! The second best thing about that was watching the faces of the other row 14 and 15 people as they discovered the same thing. The mom and daughter next to us nearly died when they saw their seats. The daughter was sweet, but said something like she guess she doesn’t mind that Adam is gay, in a sort of disappointed voice; she must belong to the Future Glamberts of America or something. aunt_deentold her the gay was one of our favorite Adam qualities. She seemed puzzled. We were surrounded by Adam stans, which was good. We saw the cute gay guys, sitting just down from us, right smack in the middle of the first row. A good day for them, I’m guessing. .

I had a mission in Indy, which was to show the MFB some love with these signs:

When the MFB came out and played the Idol intro, we held up the signs. The guys smiled and nodded or waved, one by one. It pretty much made my life. I know I’m pathetic, I like the MFB, okay?

If you would have told me, at the end of the AI season, that a few months later I’d be screaming and clapping for Michael Sarver, I woulda taken your drink and called you a cab. But I have grown to love him. Because of his tendency to tweet his entire fucking stream of consciousness, I feel like I know him a bit, so it made me happy that he was happy. Shut up. He sounded great on both songs.

It’s true what the reviews say, EVERYBODY sounds better than on the show.

Yes, she’s beautiful. And she looked so tiny up there! Fro in Chicago and wavy hair in Indy. I loved seeing the rhinestones on her arm. Oh crap, I’m Abdulling her… No, she sounded good! Put Your Records On was much better for her, both in style and performance. I’m actually looking forward to her record, if she ever gets a deal, because I always liked her on the show. And yes, she nearly tripped at least twice in Indy. It was cute, actually. I like her.

I didn’t get a clear picture of Scott, you guys. Insert your fave blind joke here, I’m too tired.

I was NOT a fan of Scott on the show. I thought he took the rightful place of…IDK, someone else I liked in the Top 13. Then I felt like his place in the top 10 should have gone to Alexis. But I gotta say, his voice sounds very good live. And his piano was pretty impressive.

I’ve always loved the Mary J. Blige on her. I think she tears that up. I agree that Single Ladies needs dancers. Her voice sounded great, especially in Indy. The sound in Indy was better, IMO. My favorite part of Single Ladies is the MFB. I think they sound great on that one.

Your tendency toward the erect mic style which blocks your pretty face from my camera leads me to believe you are Anoop Dogg Desai.

MUCH LOVE FOR ANOOP! Especially in Chicago. Chicago was LOUD. Indy less so, though it could be that the crowd sounded less loud in the very front row. *flips hair* Anoop sounded fantastic! I’ve said it before, his voice is gorgeous. I could really listen to him sing anything. Definitely the highlight thus far, and people were really on him. He spread it around right the fuck in front of us!

I see it. Feel free to comment in the comments.

Matt's set, YEAH BABY. It's hot. Hard to Handle deserves all the praise it gets. He really made people lose their shit with that one. His whole set was great. #signmattgiraud

Piano duel is also fantastic.

Medleys. I LOVE Beggin, like everyone else seems to. The song, the choreography, the harmony between Lil and Megan, and especially Anoop in shades.

Aw, she was ON FIRE. NO, SHE ACTUALLY SORTA LOOKS LIKE SHE’S ON FIRE. So What is not my favorite --- good style for her, but it doesn’t really let her saaaang. OMG CRY BABY! So insanely good. People went nuts for that one. And she is just visually stunning IRL. The hair, the way she moves. Wow.

So here’s where my life gets even better. I decided Cry Baby/Barracuda is a hot set for the band, so in between songs in Indy (when Alli did her shout-out to the top 3 boys) we held up the MFB signs again. And she actually said something about them! And I have it on youtube now! And then, of course Barracuda was hot…I LOVED ALLI’S SET SFM!

Danny stans, I’m sorry I don’t have a good pic of him! I don’t know exactly why, but many turned out blurrier than this.

Did I have the impression that Danny was a little chubby? Where did I get that idea? He’s NOT, ok? Maybe it was just me. I thought he looked great! I like the jacket, like the shirt. I’d leave the jeans over the boots myself, but whatev, I’m not a rock star. My Danny Status: I think he has a great voice. And one reason I appreciated him on the show is that his pitch is rock-solid. I found that I could always relax during Danny’s performances because he was on each note with both feet. PYT is one of maybe my top three MJ songs, so I loved it. And I did NOT get the “awkward dancing” thing at all! I thought he moved really well and seemed super comfortable onstage. I liked Maria Maria and I even liked his little Latin moves (I’ve lost some of you, haven’t I?). Not a fan of What Hurts the Most or My Wish, but his voice did sound wonderful.

No offense to Danny stans, because I thought he was great. But I think my most thrilling moment in both concerts was when he walked offstage. It suddenly felt like a different place.

Part 2 to come…