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Cockle shells sounds dirty. Just me? Ok.

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I'm just a girl, in love with a visual medium, asking it to love her. I have lots of other stuff going on in my life, but marymary cares only for TV and movies and a sorbet of politics. Holy cow I just referred to myself in the third person.

My first true love was The West Wing, but now I'm all kinds of enamored with all kinds of stuff. I like to follow artists from one project to another. Joss Whedon, Aaron Sorkin, a few film directors, several actors. I like shows and movies that are dense, in terms of dialogue and character. I'm fairly plot-impaired but that's why you have friends. I love watching great actors work. I like critics who are specific about what they love and the joy they get from the work, which is why Roger Ebert is my man.

I like to post thinky things that are equal parts analysis and squee. I like passionate discussions with people I love about things we love. I resist medium snobbery (books vs. TV vs. film) and genre snobbery (drama vs. sci-fi vs. animation vs. reality TV vs. rom-com). I like to celebrate what's good, regardless of what box it came in.

When I found that no, in fact, this was NOT as fangirly as an otherwise completely normal (boring), responsible (big fancy career) woman could be, I bought myself another persona, mary_the_fan. See her for all things Canadian and Canada-adjacent, like CKR, HCL and BSG.

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